Naturalist Soy Candles

$ 18.00

These soy based candles are inspired by naturalists of the 19th century who documented and collected their findings in small jars with hand noted labels. The corked jars can be reused to store your own collection of specimens!

Arabica Coffee - Dark roasted coffee, steamed milk, and bitter chocolate with dark honey 

Citrus & Olive - Briny olive, fruity citrus and fig, cedarwood and eucalyptus

Cannabis Leaf
- Light musk notes of hash oil, patchouli and antique leather brightened with vetiver and lemon

Amber & Tuberose
musky notes of baltic amber and ocean saline, floral notes of tuberose and orchid

6 oz | 35 hr burn | 4" x 3" 

Made in the USA



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