• Adirondack Rustic White Birch Bookcase
  • Adirondack Rustic White Birch Book Case
  • Adirondack Rustic White Birch Book Case

Gothics Bookcase | 28"

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Price: $1,950


  • Antique reclaimed barnwood, white birch, poplar bark and willow
  • Reclaimed antique barnwood top with twig facing
  • Finished barnwood interior and shelves with twig facing
  • Birch cabinet doors with yellow birch handles
  • Yellow birch feet

28”W x 14”D x 78”H

Made at Dartbrook, Keene, Adirondacks, NY

Dartbrook Signature Collection

This handcrafted rustic piece can be custom designed. Learn more about our process by visiting our  Custom Designs   page or by contacting our store.